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100% tuition fees

Sports scholarship covers the costs associated with training, accommodation, meals and sports expenses.

Higher education in America

Thanks to the diploma of the University of the USA, which is valued all over the world, a student-athlete can count on good prospects for employment in the country and further continuation of a professional sports career.

Performance for the team of elite student leagues of America

Becoming a member of the university team, the student is improving in sportsmanship, gets the best conditions for training and is in sight of sports agents and club leaders all over the world

Legal residence in the United States

During the term of training, athletes arrive in the United States on a student visa, and after obtaining a diploma, they have the right to obtain a residence permit in the United States - the Green Card, which makes it possible to legally live and work in the country.

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About us

Start Point is a sports agency that helps young athletes continue their careers in the American school, youth and student championships. We cooperate with more than 1500 educational institutions, and we are in constant contact with the coaches of their teams. Experienced American scouts with coaching experience in student championships are engaged in recruiting each athlete.



Our services

  • Consulting services
  • Documents assistance services
  • Promotional services
  • Проконсультируем на что обратить внимание

    We will advise on what factors when choosing an educational institution you need to pay your attention first and foremost, as well as recommend the place that we think is best fits for you.

    Проконсультируем как общаться с тренерами

    We will advise how to properly communicate with coaches in the process of choosing an educational institution.

    Поможем с NCAA/NAIA

    We will assist in passing the NCAA / NAIA Clearing House procedure to the coveted status of “Approved”

    Запишем на языковые тесты

    We will sign in the candidate for the TOEFL / SAT language tests and advise how to prepare and pass them successfully.

    Возьмем на себя общение с администрацией

    We will take over the whole process of communication with the school administration in order to successfully bring you to the moment of admission.

    Запишем на собеседование

    We will sign in an athlete for an interview at the American Embassy and help prepare all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa F1

    Заполним документы

    We will complete and prepare all the documents for admission to the educational institution.

    Договоримся с тренерами и коммисиями

    We are committed to spreading information about your athletic and academic success, in order to obtain the greatest possible financial assistance, up to a full athletic scholarship that covers all possible expenses

    Расскажем о ваших успехах

    We are committed to spreading information about your athletic and academic success, in order to obtain the greatest possible financial assistance, up to a full athletic scholarship that covers all possible expenses

    Создадим профессиональное видео

    We will create a professional video (Highlights), from the provided moments of your performances.

    Создадим профайл

    Подготовим спортивный профайл, который будет представлять спортсмена с наилучшей стороны.



    - athletic scholarships are a program of US universities. This allows students to earn scholarships based on their athletic and academic performance. The program is designed for students who are seriously engaged in sports and already have significant achievements in the field.

    Full athletic scholarships

    — Покрывает 100% всех расходов

    — Оплачивает обучение, проживание, питание, занятие спортом и медицинскую страховку

    — Сумма полной стипендии равна от 25,000$ to 50,000$ a year

    Partial athletic scholarships

    — Покрывает от 50-70% всех расходов

    — Сэкономит вам от 10,000$ to 15,000$ a year

    Work system

    Step 1 Complete an athletic rollout

    Fill out the form (click here)

    Provide us with video material

    Our employee will interview you

    Our scout will provide you our analysis and forecast

    Step 2 Signing a contract with StartPoint

    Step 3 Provide us with the required documentation.

    1. Copy your passport.

    2. School certificates (officially translated into English).

    3. Report on SAT results, if you have one.

    4. Report on the TOEFL results, if you have one.

    5. Copy of birth certificate (officially translated into English).

    6. Online articles about you, if any.

    7. Video games.

    Step 4 Creating your profile and highlights (video cutting the best moments of your performances)

    Step 5 Promoting your candidacy to the team.

    Step 6 The client accepts one of the offers.

    Step 7 The admission process to school

    Step 8 Preparation of documents for a visa and an interview at the US Embassy

    Step 9 Departure to the USA

    Наша команда

    Sports Manager / Scout

    Алекс Раж — наш спортивный менеджер. Алекс выступал за команду Notre Dame de Namur University в NCAA. После выпуска из NDNU играл в ABA (American Basketball Association), также играл в профессиональных лигах Мексики и Германии. Алекс является основателем компании «Optimum Basketball», занимающейся индивидуальным тренингом игроков. Имеет опыт работы с игроками NBA. Проработал 5 лет ассистентом главного тренера в JUCO. Занимается помощью в получении стипендий спортсменам более 7 лет



    Ксения Громова — наш скаут по плаванию. Так же является тренером по плаванию команды Первого дивизиона NAIA. Ее мужская команда выиграла 2018 Mid-South Conference Championship, получив награду «Пловец и первокурсник года» и побив 4 рекорда MSC. Также команда Ксении заняла четвертое место в NAIA и побила 14 рекордов университета.

























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